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Time logging discrepancy

Hello there,

I have an experiment in which I present a fixation cross (text_7) for 1s in between trials. However, in my logfile I get quite big differences from 1s from presentation of my items (e.g. numberline_2) to the fixation cross (see column fixation_time). Can anyone explain this?RT7_Bruchvergleich_NumPos_2019_Sep_04_1016.xlsx (11.5 KB)


Hi @fragmag, if you mean that the times in the column “numberline_2.started_raw” seem a lot bigger than the times in “fixation_time”, this is because you have global time measurements for numberline_2 (time from when the task started), whereas “fixation_time” looks like actual presentation time from the start of the routine.

Hi @dvbridges, thanx for your reply. No, fixatio_time is a column I calculated myself by subtracting text7_started from numberline2_started (next routine), which should be exactly or very close to 1 second (as text7 is presented for 1s before the next numberline is presented).