Time Lag: Simulatenous Presentation of Multiple Visual Components

OS = Windows 10
PsychoPy version = 2022.2.4
Standard Standalone = YES
GPU drivers = Dual drivers, one INTEL one NVIDIA

We are planning to record photocell data to measure timing of displays during experiments. We are going to use one corner of our display to present a small black shape to measure timings. The stimuli will be presented at the center of the screen. We want to use two different visual components for this presentation (text component for stimulus, polygon or image component for the small shape).

In this setup, does Psychopy “FLIP” these two components together or does it flip them in different intervals. This is important to us because we will use the corner image as a proxy for stimulus timings. This will allow us to adjust continuous EEG data such that the port signals will align with the actual timing of displays.

Any help is appreacited, thanks!

Two visual components set to start at 0 seconds in the same routine will start in the same frame. You would notice if there was a frame (usually 16ms) difference in the presentation time.

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@wakecarter Thank you!