The ultimatum game- programming

I’m a master’s student and I’m experimenting with the ultimatum game in which the participant receives 50 different money-sharing proposals from the opponent and has the option of accepting or rejecting those proposals. After accepting or rejecting the proposal, the participant should receive a feedback message about the amount of money they received or not.
What should I do for these 50 essays to be presented at random, what should I do for the participant to be able to perform their task, ie, accept or reject the proposal, and what should I do for the participant to receive a message of feedback according to what he chose because I want the money to be added up over the 50 trials according to previous interactions.

Thank you for your attention

In your spreadsheet you could have a column for the amount of money received for accepting a proposal (perhaps another column for rejecting). Then use a code component to add the appropriate column to a variable for the total money received.