TextBox2 not editable on second run

URL of experiment: hoplab / braille_tentative · GitLab

Hi everyone,

I’m having some issues with the textBox2 in an online experiment where participants are supposed to type in the corresponding letter to a stimulus.

In the first iteration, it seems to work. From the second onwards, the textBox is not editable unless I get in/out of fullscreen. If I do so, I see the previous input as text in the textBox (not sure it was saved).
This is consistent across firefox, chrome, safari.

I already tried adding a code component with test_response.editable = true; and test_loop.addData(test_response._pixi.text) but the issue is still there.

Can someone please point me to what’s going wrong?
Thank you.

All the bests,

Does this thread help?

Indeed it answer my problem.
I must have missed it given it’s a builder issue, that’s a lesson on a more accurate search before posting.

Thank you so much!