Text element not displaying, but blank screen for correct duration

URL of experiment:
(press spacebar through the two instruction screens to reach the trials where the problem appears)

URL of working version of the cogload task:

Extra details:
The experiment is running in version 3.2.2.

Description of the problem:

I added a cognitive load task to each trial of an existing experiment. A working version of the cognitive load task separate from the experiment is linked above. In this task, digits should be presented sequentially on the screen, then a trial of the existing experiment should take place, then participants enter the digits they saw previously via keyboard input. The problem is that the digits do not appear on screen, instead, the screen is blank, but for the correct duration (i.e., 5 digits, each for 1s, and the blank screen lasts 5s) before moving on the rest of the trial. From the console I can’t see a clear error to identify what is going wrong.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be going wrong here?

Further details of the components creating the digits:


code in select_digit:

text component in select_digit:

$digit should be set to change each repeat not constant.

I swapped it/synced, seems to still be blank

What colour and size is the text?

here are the settings for the text component:

A size of .5 is either huge or invisible, depending on whether your units are height, norm or pixels.

Thanks, yes, it was in pixels!