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Terminate an infinite loop by pressing 'return'


In the study I’m designing, the participants have to rate n number of lines. and n is different for each participant depending on how many they have actually written down.
so it is not random. It will be based on what they decide. I have made a loop that has the rating in them and I am hoping to allow them to terminate the loop by pressing 'return’
I tried using other questions in forum but non of the worked.
I would really appriciate any help and since I’m new to psychopy (and programming) a step by step description would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

Hello. Once again, you need to describe exactly what you have done so far, using precise PsychoPy Builder terms (e.g. describe your routines, loops, condition files).

We can’t give a step-by-step description of a solution without a step-by-step description of your situation to refer to.