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Study stuck on initialising

Hi, in my study I show 52 pictures of dogs.
one image is presented at the test at the beginning of the study together with the other 4 images, and then 50 images are presented at 5 different blocks with each block containing 10 images.
Finally, at the last phase of the study the last image of dogs (number 52) is presented together with the other 4 images.

I added a code to shuffle between all the 52 images of doges and to allocate them to each phase I wish.
The code also shuffles the 8 words that are presented at the first and last phase of the experiment.
The codes are in code rutine at the beginning of the study and before each of the two tests and five repeated exposure blocks.

The study is stuck on the initializing page.

Hope you can help me solve this problem.

Here is the link to the experiment:

the name of the experiment is: Habirandii
GitLab Id: #182261


Please check my crib sheet for how to view the error message in the Browser developer console