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Stroop task - stimuli

Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me, I am making a Stroop Task using the builder view, I need the whole task to last 40 minutes, is there any way I can keep the stimuli up for a certain amount of time and not let it change even when the participant responds to the stimuli.

Thank you!

Can you explain your design and procedures in more detail? At the moment, with stimuli not changing, it sounds like you want a single trial that lasts 40 minutes.

I’m not sure that I understand completely what you’re asking, but if I understand

This seems to be the issue. In that case, you can always, in your Keyboard component, uncheck Force end of routine, and set the time of the stimuli to your required time, and it may do that.

But as @Michael said,

It would help in understanding your issues better.