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"Store: All keys" not working when "Force end of routine" is unchecked

OS: macOS
PsychoPy version: 3.0.0b2 Standalone

I’m trying to make a very simple flow with 1 routine that displays stimuli and allows the user to press the spacebar. I would like to allow the user to press the spacebar multiple times and in the output I would like to see the timestamps for when the user pressed the spacebar.

In the builder I added stimuli and a keyboard. In the log file I can see each of the spacebar presses logged, but my CSV is empty. This seems to be because “Force end of routine” is unchecked. When I check this box then I see 1 line in the CSV, but obviously only 1 line since the routine ends. I would like a log of all spacebar presses in the CSV.

Any advice would be appreciated. Could I be doing something differently?

Seems like maybe I solved this and it was just autosave not working… is there any way to correct that?

Thanks @user4398, I was unable to recreate the error. Can you please show us a snapshot of your experiment in Builder?