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Stimulus components disappear in later blocks (online only)

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:
I have a multi-block experiment in which I present pictures in or on top of a circle and use a square as a delimiter of the screen, like this:

At the beginning of the experiment everything seems fine, but after block 2 or so, the square and the circle stop being displayed.

I am using a Mac, and am running the experiment on Chrome.

In my csv file, (1_S_RSAday1_2020-05-20_08h04.37.057.csv (113.8 KB) ), these stimulus components do have a timestamp (see square_study, circle_study, square_test_2, circle_test_2 - the same thing happens in the study and test phase) and that time stamp seems to be the same time as the picture itself (e.g., image_study), which is still displayed correctly.

  • This only happens in the online version, and only after the first or second block.

Therefore, I was wondering whether it is a refresh/timing/synchronization issue.

  • Maybe the square and circle are drawn only once and the picture repeatedly (since the square and circle are “built in” psychopy elements I could imagine they ‘work’ differently than the picture files, which are set every repeat?).
  • Maybe I could resolve the issue by introducing some buffer time between the blocks. This way, the program could maybe wait a few seconds until everything is in sync again (any idea on how to implement this?)
  • There are some later elements (a 10 second screen forcing participants to pause) which do not seem to be displayed at all, or so briefly that I cannot see it (this is just a text element).

Any pointers would be appreciated.