Starting an image stimuli after clicking the correct stimuli on the screen

OS Safari version 14.1.2
PsychoPy version v2021.2.3

I am trying to use the builder to create an experiment where two images of buttons will be shown on the screen, one on the left the other on the right. One button will have a smiley face on it and the other will have nothing. Using the mouse component, the participant should be able to click on either of the two buttons. When either is clicked, both buttons will go away. If the button with the smiley face is clicked, an image of an apple should appear right after, but only if that specific one is clicked.

Using the builder, I’ve gotten it to work where both buttons appear on the screen and the mouse is able to click on either one. However, the apple image is not appearing after the click. Clicking either button just ends the experiment.

I think the problem may have something to do with the following message but I am unsure. Please help!

2021-10-27 13:46:20.426 python[26934:3351871] ApplePersistenceIgnoreState: Existing state will not be touched. New state will be written to (null)

Hi, can I have more information about your study. For example, how are you presenting the image of the apple (e.g. with code?). Are you only planning to present the image of an apple or other things as well.