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Start time as variable issue

Hi all,

I have an issue with my test stimulus Start time which is a variable (because it is different for different stimulus in my conditions file). I inserted the name of the variable:

And the conditions file looks like that:

I get the ReferenceError that $Time22 is not defined. Do you have any ideas why this happens? Thanks!

Maybe the format of the start time is wrong in my conditions file?

If $Time22 is not defined, the variable or the condition file itself doesnt seem to be loaded correctly. (Format error could be more like ($Time22 is not a number)

Maybe you can share a screenshot of the loop where the condition file is loaded. If the file is loaded correctly, the loop Dialog would show the all available variables.

Screenshot of the builder routines and loops would be good to solve the Problem. Sometimes there is an easy solution that you try to use $Time22 before our outside the loop.

Thanks a lot!
Here is the loop:
The conditions file is appended in trials_2 loop.
It looks like it loaded the condition file:

This is my routine, the start time of the stimuli I try to change is text_17 and text_18.

The aim is to show both text stimuli after 5 seconds (5 sec start time) during the the first loop. After that, they should show up immediately (0 sec):

Have you tried Time22 without the dollar?

Do you try to edit Time22 in code?


Oh my, it is working without the dollar! thank you…