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Start monitor center from command line

I’ve started working on some new psychopy features. My PsychoPy development environment with a fork of the repository is running fine from the command line. However, if I thought about adding some features to (e.g.) monitor center, how could I go about running a monitor center window from within my development environment?

I see that I can make new menu items, which I think is related?

You just need to launch the file so if you know the location of that you can do python my_location_of_file/

But also, if this is on your Python installation (e.g. you’ve done a developer install of the psychopy repository) then you can do simply:

python -m psychopy.monitors.MonitorCenter

which runs that file as a script and means you don’t need to know where it is. The danger with this is that you rely on python finding the version you’re editing

The point that might not have been obvious is that MonitorCenter is actually an independent app, which can run without the main app running

Awesome, thanks Jon.