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Staircase in Builder

I am trying to build a staircase task, during which participants are shown images of letters that have different degrees of Gaussian noise obscuring them. I am trying to figure out the level of noise at which participants are just able to see a letter in that image. This is going to be accomplished via a staircase

However, I am not sure how to go about accomplishing this in builder. I am new to coding, so most of what I found so far is bit above my head. Are there any good tutorials for designing a staircase in builder?

Have you played with the staircase demo under the Demos menu?

Have you thought about attending the workshop?

I wish I could, but you guys are all the way across the water. Are you guys going to come to the US anytime in the future?

When I looked at it, it seems super coding-heavy. Which is fine, but not something that I am used to. I was just curious if someone out in the internet wrote a how-to guide or made a video (before I trudge through the code).

There isn’t even a code component in that demo? The only code that you need to be aware of is:

$[level, level, level]

in the ‘Color’ field of the Gabor patch, which is used to control its colour in response to the current level of the staircase. You would just need to similarly use the level variable to control your stimulus as required.

Maybe you opened a Coder demo rather than a Builder one?

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