Slider problem in builder

Hi, I use a slider so that the subjects estimate a time interval between 0 and 1000ms (I have to use the slider because I have to run my experience on pavlovia, and on pavlovia the rating scales apparently do not work). However, I have a problem, I need my data to be between 0 and 1000ms for the estimation of the time interval but with the way my slider is programmed for the moment (see photo below), the data that is logged is between 0 and 11. How can I make the data that is logged directly between 0 and 1000 and not between 0 and 11?

Second question, is it possible that the slider cursor is permanently visible when you move the mouse on the screen and not only when you keep the mouse click pressed? Thank you.

If you set the ticks to (0,1000) then you’ll get the range you want.

Have a look at my interactive slider for some ideas for improvements.

Ok thanks a lot for the data format, I did indeed get what I wanted.
I looked at the interactive slider, how can I make the cursor always visible like in the interactive slider and also how can I make the number at the bottom of the screen appear? with the data of the slider on which the cursor is in real time (see photo below).


You can fork the interactive slider or download its psyexp file to look at the code.

The number is a separate text component updated in code.

The marker is made visible using slider.markerPos (I think), updated in code in response to arrow keys or mouse hover.

Ok thanks but I work on the builder, do you know if I can do this on the builder? If yes, how? (sorry I’m not used to working with the coder at all)

I don’t use coder.

I do use code components in Builder.

My demos mostly work offline as well as online.