Slider Label Position

Description of the problem: I want to use the labels only on the both ends of the slider and it seems slipped when i run it on pavlovia “full-screen”. However when i run it normal screen (i click esc) labels’ position seem correct. Here you can see:
Full screen

Normal Screen

I ran into the same problem, so I am also very interested in the solution.
Oddly enough, for me the problem shows up only in the online study in Pavlovia, in the offline PsychoPy programme the labels are as they should be.

Yeah I could not figure out the reason since it only happens on Pavlovia, so I deleted the labels and added my labels as a text component

I couldn’t solve this either but now need to check whether I truly have working and non working labels in the same experiment.

Yes, thanks, this is always an option. I was hoping, though, that there is a less desperate solution available :wink:

I’ll have to go with the manual solution. I just tested my experiment and the “target” slider labels were in the same position as the “filler” sider positions. However, after I changed the y coordinate of both sliders it reverted to the “filler” labels being correct and the “target” labels being indented (0 and 100 being next to 10 and 90).

See here for my investigation into this bug and options for a fix