Size of radio-style sliders in Pavlovia

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: Hi all, I have encountered a problem in PsychoPy 2.10. Since radio sliders are still buggy in the new PsychoPy version, I thought going back to this older version would fix it. Everything works fine locally. However, the size of the radio slider appears to be giant when converting to Pavlovia. Is this a known problem? It currently looks like this:

With a mask overlaying the right part of the slider, essentially letting me use it as a button. However, as the ‘button’ is pressed, the polygon overlaying the right radio option disappears, and it looks like this:

Thus, there seem to be two problems: one is that the radio slider is much too large in comparison to how I programmed it to be in PsychoPy, and the other is that it overrules the order of items in Pavlovia but not in PsychoPy locally. Does anyone have any idea why this is going wrong?

Have you tried changing the vertical size of the slider?

Do you have two sliders in the same routine?