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Simultaneous random selection from three variables

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I would like to present simple arithmetics like 5 * 3 = ,whereby the first number (digits between 1 and 99), signs (+, -, /, *) and the second number should change randomly (e.g. trial 1: 15 – 7 = , trial 2 99/3 = , trial 3: 45 + 7 = etc).

With a simple Execel file with number1, number2, and sign as variable (and loop set random) only the rows are selected randomly, however I would like to present all three variables (number1, number2 and sign) randomly. How can I implement this?

Thank you very much!


Is it as simple as having completely independent random selection of each term? i.e. most people could handle 99 / 3 but what about 99 / 7? or 1 / 54?

Dear Michael
Thank you for the feedback. That´s a good point : ).
I think, I should construct the task differently, e.g. digits between 1 and 9 (that should do for what I am planning).
Do you have a solution how I can randomly select different numbers and signs within one routine and one excel file?

Thank you very much!