Simplest possible way to save data?


I am used to either saving data locally by exporting a CSV or by creating embedded data in Qualtrics. I can code in python and javascript and make experiments and data structures all fine. I really don’t like messing with things like jsPSYCH or Psychopy’s builder mode. From the little I’ve looked at builder mode, it seems restrictive compared to just coding everything “from scratch”.

So, how does someone like me save data on Pavlovia? How do I create files and put them in a “data” folder? I can’t seem to find a straight answer to this anywhere because everyone seems to assume you’ll be using jsPSYCH or Psychopy’s builder mode and I’d prefer to just stick with coding “from scratch”. Just need to know how to save data…

Thanks in advance!

Doesn’t jsPsych count as coding from scratch?

I only code Builder based experiments and can send data onwards (e.g. to Qualtrics) or add extra columns/rows to the standard csv output files. I agree that there isn’t the control one might like but most of the excess can easily be ignored during pre-processing.

I mean, I’d rather not have to fit what I want to do in jsPsych’s framework. I’d prefer to do everything with “vanilla” javascript. I just need to know how to save data to Pavlovia’s server.

It looks like someone else is interested in a similar solution here: