Simple score adder not working!

I’m very new to Python and PsychoPy and am making an experiment where correct answers to a stroop task accumulate points. I simply want the score to be shown as feedback in its own routine later
I have seen this is a past issue and tried implementing the code others have used to solve the same problem - but they haven’t worked. When I run the experiment, everything works except the score never increases from 0

  • I have used a CSV file to define the conditions and added it to the loop
  • the key response component (no_resp) knows about the appropriate keys and which are correct

The score code component (no_adder) is in the same trial as the key responses (trial_no) and is formatted as follows:

#begin experiment
no_trial_score = 0

#end routine
if no_resp.corr:
    no_trial_score += 1
  • The post experiment spreadsheet indicates that psychopy is aware which answers are correct
  • The output score in my feedback routine is always 0 (no screenshot because it wouldn’t work)
  • what trial_no looks like

Got no idea what’s going wrong!

Hi, I believe it’s because your text is set to constant. Changing to to set every repeat should do the trick.

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This was perfect! thank you! The experiment now runs swimmingly!