Show stimulus in certain colour specific amount of times

Hello everyone.
I have an experiment in which a certain sequence is shown, and after my stimulus cross lights up blue the participant should reproduce the sequence. If the cross has shown up red the participant should not do anything.

The only thing is, at the moment i am only showing a blue cross since i was busy building everything else of the experiment. Now i would like to achieve that it is randomly chosen whether a blue or red cross appears, but still with a certain “weight” to it. That means that e.g. out of 4 trials i would like it show up blue 3 times and red 1 time.

So far, i have specified the cross’ colour in the builder through my conditions file, but then it shows up blue and red one after each other instead of just either one of the colours. Furthermore in the loop for my cue i wanted to set the nReps to $weight, which contains how many time blue or red should be shown but that did not work since it did not “recognise” what weight was, even though it is in my conditions file.

Here are some pictures of what i tried:

When i use this, both blue and red show up one after another.
This picture shows my whole experiment, the part that i am concerned about is the “cue1” routine.

These are my current setting for the cue loop. As you can see i have a conditions file specifying the colour and the “weight” (i.e. how often either blue or red should show up.

Any tips would be highly appreciated.
Kind Regards, Victoria