Shelf Record Limit?

URL of experiment: N/A

Description of the problem: When creating Shelf records in my account, I can only have 20. When I go to add more, it shows as counting up to 21 at the top of the Shelf page, but there is no new record at the bottom of the page, even when the Items per page is more than 20. Is there a hard limit for shelf items? I need more than 20! Please let me know what to try! Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there a “next page” icon where you can see records 21-40?

No, no “Next page” available. The arrows are inactive as if there are no more records. So I swapped the items per page to 50 and used the refresh at the bottom of the chart before trying to add another record, and still no luck.

I am unable to see and create the 21st shelf record in my account. I do not have a next page to go to, and I do not see it when I change the items per page to be 50. I’ve tried different browsers and I’ve had colleagues log into the same account, and they have the same problem, so we’re feeling a bit stuck!

If anyone has ideas, please let me know! Thanks for your time!

I’ve asked Alain whether there’s a hard limit but haven’t heard back yet.

Why do you need more than 20 records? Could you use fewer if some of them were designer level instead of experiment level?

Thanks, I appreciate it!
My colleague’s account can create a 21st shelf record, so I think it may just be my account somehow? It’s unclear!

My account is the one used for the lab I work in, and we’re running many different types of experiments, using many different shelf records. We are trying to work on swapping future ones to be designer level to work around this, but we have had some errors in our experiments when doing so. So to keep them running, we’ve been using experiment level!

Dear @girouxae ,

With my apologies for the delay in getting back to you, could you share your username with me? I will have a look for you.
I can confirm that there is no hard limit on the number of shelf records, even though, as per the conversation with Wake, it is a good idea to limit that number.


No worries, I really appreciate the help. The username is ReadabilityLab. Thank you!

And ok, understood. I’m going to work to clear out ones that are no longer in use and try to see if we can start swapping to designer level in the future when possible as well. :slight_smile:

Hi again! It looks like things got an update and my shelf can hold more than 20 now. Thank you for your help and time! :slight_smile: