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Sending Message for EyeTracker using Pylinkwrapper


I am trying to send a message for my experiment using Connector (pylinkwrapper) so I can identify my cue and target side for each trial.
I have looked up everything online and for some reason whenever I write tracker.send_message or tracker.sendMessage (it also doesn’t work with setting status/trialid) I keep getting this error. If anyone knows what’s wrong I would greatly appreciate the help!



*note: I tried during tracker.sendMessage as well but got the same error

I’m not familiar with Pylinkwrapper. What class of object is tracker supposed to be? Currently it is an instance of the Connect class, whatever that is. Does the Pylinkwrapper API tell you what tracker should be?

Perhaps show us the line where you create the tracker object.

Here where I set up ‘tracker’ and it seems to work with other functions in the code, so I’m not sure what’s going on with the message and setting trial info.eyelink

According to the docs at, creating a connection to the tracker should look like this:

import pylinkwrapper

# Initiate eye-tracker link and open EDF
tracker = pylinkwrapper.connect(win, '1_test') 

This should result in tracker being an instance of the Connector class, whereas your error indicates that you have a Connect object. Again, I don’t know the API, but this seems like an issue.

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