Sending fNIRS triggers during video using a cedrus c-pod


I am new to Psychopy so any help would be really appreciated!

I want to set up a very simple experiment where I show the participant a 5 min video (I set that up in the builder). During the video, I want to send three different types of triggers:
Trigger1: beginning and end of video
Trigger2: 15, 20 and 120 seconds post video onset
Trigger3: 40, 60 and 220 seconds post video onset

This is a fNIRS experiment (NIRScout system) and I am sending triggers using a Cedrus c-pod. I am using code found here Using c-pod with PsychoPy to use a c-pod with psychopy, but I do not know how to have different triggers sent at specific times during the video.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.


Hello Laura,

Iā€™m with Cedrus. c-pod does have a built-in functionality for precisely what you are trying to do. See Digital Output Commands ā€“ A Sequence of Pulses.

At present, this feature is not supported in the pyxid2 module; please give us a few days and we will add support for it.


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It turns out that support for the pulse sequence feature is already built into pyxid2.

Better yet: we have a sample on GitHub.

Happy new year!