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Sending EEG Triggers to Netstation (not with parallel port component)

Using Conditions File to get EEG trigger values- Not using Parallel Port.
Hello Jon,
I am trying to send triggers that occur after randomly occurring looped tones (some standard and some deviant).
I see how I could do this if I was using a parallel port component to send triggers from the conditions file. However, I am using NetStation, and thus the egi module. Currently I am using the custom code component to open netstation, start recording, sending triggers at the beginning or end of blocks. However, within a loop I do not see how I can use the $“parameter” function to send triggers associated with the tones (being played from a conditions file). I have prepared code to go in the next column (e.g. standardtone.wav in column one and ns.event…in column two, for example.). Has this been done before? I can’t seem to find instances of this on your site. Thanks so much for your help!