Scrollable TextBox2?

What’s the alignment parameter set to on your textbox? It should be set to left center, center or right center for this to work - otherwise I think you’d need to adjust for the alignment.

Since you’re working on the textbox component, I have a gripe to share with you!

I’m doing something very similar to the OP - I’m making a Guilford’s Alternate Uses task where participants are asked to name as many uses as they can for an object in 2 minutes. I found this post whilst troubleshooting an issue with this experiment.

When I set up the textbox component in the builder mode, the text always runs out of the screen and becomes invisible to the participant. But they’re still able to type. Very distracting! Especially for those that are not typing perfectly and need the typed text on the screen for error correction (typos etc).

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but as a user I find it incredibly frustrating that the textbox component even is allowed to exist outside the screen. And that there is no obvious solution to the issue available in the interface.

So if you’re updating the textbox PLEASE make it lock to the window that is drawn, and keep it constrained to that area. Thank you in advance.


A frustrated grad student