Running listening experiment from PsychoPy-2202.2.5 on Pavlovia doesn't work


I have just created a linguistic experiment which involved the use of audio stimuli. Unfortunately, it didn’t work with the most current version of PsychoPy. Googling the issue made me install PsychoPy–2202.2.5 which makes the experiment work on my laptop. However, my aim is to run it on-line. What is going on though is that Pavlovia would just open the webpage with it which is blank. I tired it on different browsers, e.g., Chrome, Firefox but the issue persists. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing it?

Here is the link to the experiment if it helps:


Hello Natalie

To locate the error in your PsychoJS script, you can try running it locally in a browser. The line where the script breaks will be displayed in the PsychoPy Runner. The error is in this line or in any line before it.

Best wishes Jens

Hello Jens,

Thank you – it’s really helpful!

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