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Running experiments sequentially

Hi Everyone,
I am the new user of PsychoPy and I will use it to run cognitive tests. I want to put experiments in a row and run them sequentially.
Do you know how can I do that?


Hi @Kaveh_Heshmati, see the link below for two methods to do this. One involves merging your two experiments into one, the other involves running your two experiments from a .bat file (Windows).

Thank you very much.
Much appreciated.

Hi @dvbridges
I tried to use batch file, but It was unsuccessful. I created the batch file,opened Python files of both experiments (.py) and double clicked on the batch file afterwards which is saved on the same folder of experiments.
I will be really thankful if you tell me what should I do next?

Many thanks

Would you mind sharing the bat file?

Hi @dvbridges
I solved the problem. Actually, I did not write the file path correctly.

Thanks a lot again.