RT feedback for button response component

Hi there,

I would like to present a screen in my experiment which reminds participants to respond as quickly as possible, but this is only if participant response times are larger than a certain amount, i.e., if RT is longer than 1000 ms, only then would I want to display the screen reminding participants to respond quickly. For participant responses, my experiment has two on-screen buttons. Also, how can I make sure RT for button responses are recorded?

Please let me know if you have any other questions!!

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your last question,

is very basic. So you might want to take a look into “Peirce, J. W., Hirst, R. J. & MacAskill, M. R. (2022). Building Experiments in PsychoPy. 2nd Edn London: Sage.”

The first question requires a feedback routine. See the following example

First, a text-component is presented for 1500 ms and a reaction-component registering key press (space) for 1500 ms is used.

This followed by a feedback routine with a code-component and a text-component to display the feedback-message.

Initialize the variable that contains your feedback-text first in the Begin Experiment tab of the code-component:

Then check whether a key has been pressed and whether the rt was longer than 1 second.

Set the feedback message accordingly or do not show anything. Define the text-component to show your feedback message.

Adapt the example to your needs

Best wishes Jens