Routine timing issue: does going over a loop take extra time?

OS : Win10
PsychoPy version: 2022.2.3

Hi all,

I have an experiment now (flow as below), where participants viewed 4-image sequences, each followed by a face. So I wrote the loop as selecting 4 emotional images from a condition file, presenting them sequentially, and then present a face, and go to next loop. But I found the actual ITI after a face (time between the start of “faceITI” rountine to the start of “emoPrimeSeq” rountine) is ~ 0.5s longer than the expected ITI I set.

I tried to check what can add the extra time:

  1. Within the faceITI routine, I set the duration for “text_faceFix” as the expected ITI, besides which there is only one line of code to hide mouse.
  2. There is only one routine between “faceITI” and “emoPrimeSeq”, which is “seqCounterPrac” that has only one line of code to update a value.
    I imagine neither of these will take an extra 0.5s? My question is how could I know the source of this extra 0.5s? And could it be due to the loop (since after a face it loops to the next sequence)?

Thanks so much in advance for any suggestion!