Return ReferenceError when running online

URL of experiment: learningstage_ver3 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
I am new to PsychoPy and Python.
I build a task using builder that participants will be searching a lightbulb hidden in an image.
They will press the keyboard if they found where the lightbulb is, and after that, they will click on the lightbulb they found.
Here, I use a code here:

which key_resp_10 is my keyboard name.
I can successfully run on my computer, but after syncing onto the Pavlovia,
it returns:

  • ReferenceError: PRESSED is not defined

Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks.
(Psychopy version: v2022.2.5

Try to type 'PRESSED' instead of PRESSED, with the apostrophes.


Thanks for your reply.
I tried but unfortunately I receive the same error.

This is how I type. just in case if I misunderstood your words.

Hey, my bad. Those variables are not strings.
Viewing the documentation, it looks like those are the possible options:

Where did you find the PRESSED variable?
Maybe try changing it to STARTED?