Response Slider completely unresponsive on Pavlovia

I am using a radio response slider for my experiment. When I run the experiment offline the slider is responsive, but when I sync it on Pavlovia the slider is completely unresponsive. The marker is also not visible, so no matter where I click the screen looks ‘frozen’.

What I have tried:
I. I tried switching to different versions (2022.2.1, 2022.2.2, 2021.2.3)
II. I tried using a code component in every frame: Slider.reset()
III. I tried switching the experiment from Pilot to Run
IV. I tried to change the Stop from duration, to time, to condition (line still empty)
V. I tried tweaking the style (e.g., enabling the triangleMarker etc)
VI. I tried using another code component:

if ResponseSlider_P.response:
    continueRoutine = True

Whenever I switched to the 2021.2.3 version (where this response type used to work), sync does not work and the Platform version on Pavlovia does not change.

The readOnly and Disable component options are both unchecked.

Maybe it’s something obvious, but I am at loss at the moment. I would appreciate any input!

This is very weird, but I just changed the colors of the slider from words to numbers (e.g., black = -1.0000, -1.0000, -1.0000) and this fixed the problem.

I am really confused but oof, finally!