Response labels overlap when running

PsychoPy version (e.g. 1.84.x): v2022.1.1
What are you trying to achieve?:
We have three questions in the probe - the first two have response labels at the end of the scale “not at all” and “extremely” and the last one has response labels “Lively” and “Sleepy” at the same place. For some reason, these responses overlap sometimes and not other times, making the “Lively/Sleepy” scale unreadable.

What did you try to make it work?:
In Interface, we clicked the “Disappear” box for every question’s response (throughout the entire run). This worked for some of them, but not for all. No error message, just the overlapping labels. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Is this using the slider component?

In my Interactive Slider online demo I use separate text components (created in a code component) for the value labels because I couldn’t get the slider labels to work for me.