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Request: make both python and js default

Hi, this comment is a feature request for feedback.

I’ve been starting to build Pavlovia experiments and I love the Python to JS automatic feature, but I don’t love that it’s always set as the default when you reopen a code component (instead of “both python and js”). It means whenever I open a code component, which I’ve usually tweaked in python and JS, I have to quickly toggle “auto” to “both” or it will overwrite my js code. It sounds minor but it’s tedious and somewhat error prone.

It seems strange not to have “both” as the default once you’ve got some code there, as you could always toggle “auto” back on. Or, at least make it remember your setting e.g. both stays as both.

I hope my description makes sense,


See How to set Default Code Type to avoid frustration. I would also recommend having code that needs to be manually edited in a separate code component so that you can continue to use the auto translate for new code. Default Code Type changes the whole component, not just the current tab

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I’ll try it, cheers!