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Rename recorded responses in advance


Is there a way to name the recorded responses in advance in that when a participant completes the experiment, I can know the recorded response I want to open from its name. As you see in the photo,
the recorded responses show without names, just digits.

Thank you in advance for your great help.


The microphone API is here:

I haven’t used it, but I guess you could override the default name by inserting a code component below the microphone component and in its Begin routine tab, put something like:

mic_1.setFile('Some alternative name.wav')

Of course, you’ll want to make this filename vary from trial to trial so that it doesn’t just overwrite the previous one, but you’d need to decide on a naming convention (e.g. include subject code plus trial number).

I don’t know if this would break any other functionality.

Thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately, the code didn’t work.

However, to make it simple, a participant in my experiment is required to listen to a series of sentences and repeats each sentence orally. In the output data file, I would like to have the names of recorded responses files as the same as the names of audio-files. For example,

If a participants listens to an audio file named ’ Cat’, the recorded repetition of this audio file should give mic-Cat.

I hopes it is clear.

Many thanks

Give us some details to work with…

So sorry for the delay. Sor circumstances happened.
I did what you suggested; I inserted a code component below the microphone component and in its routine tab, I put the following codes because I have three stimuli:


‘mic’ is the name of the microphone component.
In the output data file, The recorded response files are named with numbers like mic-1485705400.622 instead of names I put.

Your help will be appreciated.

Hi Sami,
Did you figure out this? I have the same issue in my code.