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ReferenceError: msg is not defined

I have an experiment and want to using on Pavlovia online, but i get an error message “ReferenceError: msg is not defined”. I searched the problems that are related to this. So, I think the problem about converting python to Javascript. Most of solutions select “both” as a code type and typing JS code, but i don’t know JS code. So, I selected “auto → JS”, the code showed itself. However, the same problem appeared when I did it again…


what should I do??

It probably needs to be defined in Begin Experiment. You might also want to reset it in Begin Routine if necessary.

Best wishes,


Thank you for your help.
The error has been solved.

however, i have new problem.
I give feedback based on the response. before the routine, “default text” show briefly.

I read this solution
“default text” Flashing at Beginning of Routines with FeedBack

I’m not used to it yet. I don’k understand this solution.
Could you tell me more about this in detail?