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Recording numerous key-presses during a long movie

OS: Mac OS Mavericks, Win10
PsychoPy version** (e.g. 1.85.0):
Standard Standalone? yes.

What I am trying to achieve:
I want to show each participant a 15-minute movie and record multiple responses from them while it plays (which keys were pressed, and when). Ideally the timing would be from each of a number of set points in the video, but I would be content with having all of the response times measured from the beginning of the video. Any suggestions/help gratefully received!

Use a keyboard component and set it to save “all keys” rather than “first key” or “last key”

Sounds like you’d really benefit from the workshop where we can cover this stuff properly.

Dear Jon,
Thanks very much for the speedy and helpful reply. I did notice that I could record multiple responses using “save all”, but everything was in a single, comma-dlimited row when I looked at the .csv file. I thought that might cause me problems. However your answer has led me to think again, and it seems that’s not such a big problem: I could write a macro in Excel to convert the row into a column of values easily enough.
I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you for producing such a useful program, let alone providing all the support. I use it a lot for student projects, and the fact that it is so easy to use (at a basic level) plus the fact that programs usually transfer so well between Macs and PCS so well, are real assets in that respect. Thank you!
Best Wishes,

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