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Recording audio without Pyo

Is there any option to record audio without pyo installed? It seems like pyo is imported when calling microphone.switchOn() and that seems to be the only way to use a microphone object.

I would love to just use pyo but have been unable to get it working, see this post for more info:

No other system is provided out-of-the-box but we are packaging pysoundcard and will be packaging sounddevice, which make it possible if you want to write your own code for those libs.

Several months ago I posted some code that I’ve been using to successfully record short audio clips. Here’s the link.

Thanks @daniel.riggs1. I resorted to using a command-line program, but your solution is better. Too bad pyo is such a PITA.

Yeah, thankfully the psychopy developers are moving toward their own solution, so this will soon not be a problem.