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Reading of csv's differently

Description of the problem: I use csv files to loop through my trials. I used the builder to make my experiment. The two csv files are attached here. In one of these files, it reades the columns as boolean and in the other one, it reads it as a string. Hence in some trials I get a False and in others I get a false. I have tried to see what the difference is between the two files but I cant find any. Please help.
trial_exp_data_created_new_main.csv (5.4 KB) trial_exp_data_created_new_main_without_feedback.csv (1.9 KB)

It looks like they have different encodings. This is subtle and annoying, and very easy to miss. When I checked the files out in BBedit, the second file (the one called “without feedback”) is encoded as CLRF (a windows-based format), while the first one is encoded as LF (Unix-based). These differ mostly in what they use for end-of-line symbols, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were read in differently in this case.

If you have notepad++ or BBedit, you should be able to switch whichever one isn’t working to the format that is working.

Thank you so much! I did this and it worked!