Reaction times using ipad


I would like to know if there is a difference in reaction time measurements when an experiment is being run on a mobile device like an ipad vs on a desktop or laptop computer.

Also is there a difference between a keyboard response (bluetooth, magic, or virtual keyboard) vs a screen tap in terms of reaction time measurements.

Thank you.

Hi There!

Unfortunately this data doesn’t exist yet - to our knowledge, as most timing studies only assessed keyboard responses.

This is research that needs doing - sorry we can’t give a clearer answer at the moment.


What I do to make different response types as equivalent as possible is record the reaction time in the Each Frame code, resetting a custom clock on Frame 0 and getting the time in the code that ends the routine rather than in the End Routine tab.

I’ll try to mock up a demo to compare the different methods of measuring RT.

Thank you both for your responses.

Are there any plans to do this research?
It would seem a logical next step after the timing mega study.
Knowing the answers to these questions would give indications for best practices, and possibly reveal areas for improvement.