Reaction times being saved as text

I am currently piloting an RDK task coded in builder. When the data is saved to excel, every reaction time has an alert next to it saying “number stored as text” with the option to “convert to number”. This is not happening with other numerical values such as age, correct answer and repetition number. I am not sure if this is an excel issue or a psychopy issue, in which I need to select a certain data storage option before running the task. While I didn’t think it would be an issue regardless of text or number storage, when calculating median values in excel, a completely different (and wrong) value is given if I calculate the median before converting “text to number”. While I can overcome this alert by selecting the data and converting it, I am aware that once my data collection begins I will have a much vaster collection of data to apply this to, so if anyone knows a way to stop this happening either in psychopy or excel I would greatly appreciate it.

an example of the alert from google: