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Reaction time larger than routine time

Hi, I am new to using Psychopy.

My routine shows for 8 seconds, during which time the participant of the test should type their answer. The excel file storing the data shows the participant has taken a longer time to answer the question than they have.

Am I calculating this wrong or did the participant take 15+ seconds for the first question?


The RTs should all be relative to the same zero point (the start time of your keyboard component). So the RT’s don’t sum to a total value: The latest response recorded above occurred at 6.56 s after the start of the keyboard component.

It looks like another issue here is that you are deleting keys in response to the backspace or return keys, but not also deleting their associated reaction times (which I would guess is why you are getting 3 reaction times associated with just two keypresses). If you use this strategy of deleting keypress records, you need to delete their RTs as well.

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I see. Thank you so much for the reply!

I should get rid of the reaction times associated to return and backspace.
I think either way, however, the final time e.g 5.91378… will show how long a participant took to respond to that one first question overall.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: