Randomize after specific number of trials

I have 4 tasks, for each, I need the first image in the excel list to be presented first, then the rest should be randomized. This is because only some of my stimuli get feedback, and I need to ensure that the first image seen provides feedback for the participant so they can learn. Is there a way to do this? I was thinking I could creat a trial counter and tell it to randomize if trialctr > 1. But I’m not sure what I would do to tell it to randomize the trials.



you could use two routines, one for the first image, hardcode the image you want to present and another routine with a loop looping through the remaining items. Use Selected rows to specify the rows you want to present.

Alternatively, try the attached example. I first create a list, shuffle that, insert a number as the first element and use this list as variable in Selected rows.

Ranrow.psyexp (9.2 KB)
Ranrow.xlsx (8.4 KB)

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