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Question about animating stimuli

I’m pretty new to psychopy, and relatively new to python. I’m creating an animated grating stimulus. I want the intensity pattern to have a specific frequency - however the procedure given in an example ( simply seems to redraw the stimulus frame by frame with a different phase. So I guess there are two parts to my question - (1) is there a way for me to specify the frame rate so that I can set a specific frequency (2) or is there a way for me to animate my stimulus for a specified time instead.

I hope this is sort of clear


Not to me at least :wink:

For a start, you should clearly distinguish between spatial and temporal frequency.

PsychoPy can’t control the frame rate of the screen. Most LCDs have only a set frame rate (typically 60 Hz). Other displays, and some LCDs, do have adjustable frame rates, but that needs to be set by you via the operating system or other special software. PsychoPy just works with whatever the current hardware setting is.
So in your animation, you have to plan to deal with that refresh rate.

Certainly. But perhaps you can give some more concrete details here to get some useful feedback.