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QuestHandler huge jumps and values above max and below min

Hello all,

I have two instances of QuestHandler within a list, each is the following:
data.QuestHandler(.1, 2, pThreshold=0.82, extraInfo=thisStart,gamma=0.5, nTrials=128, minVal=0, maxVal=1, stepType=‘log’)
I display face stimuli to participants for 100 milliseconds, and use contrast degradation through setContrast() on the ImageStim()s. QuestHandler() takes responses through addData() and outputs contrast values.
At the end I use the .quantile(p=.75) function to get a contrast value for a face stimulus condition.
This program has worked since 2012, but now some versions are outputting values from the quantile() function that are below minVal or above maxVal. There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind this, barring that multiple, repeated incorrect responses leads to the low values and multiple, repeated correct responses leads to the high values.
Values beyond 0 and 1 don’t work for setContrast(), so this is a problem. Version control may be an issue, as some computers are running on Psychopy version 1.85.02, my working computer is running version 1.82.01, and I can believe with some certainty that I wrote this program in 2012 on 1.79.01 or earlier