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Python 3 support?

I’m not totally sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I’m not sure where else would be better. Anyway, are there plans for Python 3 support in the future? I found a few questions in the forum suggesting that some people have had some luck running PsychoPy with versions of Python 3, but the official requirement is still that 3.x doesn’t work. I like using PsychoPy in my lab, and I would like to upgrade to Python 3 on my lab workstations if possible. Thanks.

Hello Noah,

There is certainly a plan to move to Python3 (see, There are just a few packages remaining that PsychoPy depends on that are still not Python3 compatible.

Great! Thank you for the reply, and thanks for the link. I had looked around but hadn’t found that discussion (or anything else particularly useful).