Pyo version 0.8.7 (uses single precision)

Hello, I’m very new to both python and psyhopy and trying to work with Libet’s clock. I’m using Psychopy2.7 on Windows10. When I run the code I got this:

File “C:\Users\Ege.DESKTOP-UL8LE9C\Desktop\pyton_denemeler\data\”, line 111, in
beep =sound.SoundPyo(value=1000, secs=0.1, octave=4, stereo=True, volume=1.0, loops=0, sampleRate=44100, bits=16, hamming=True, start=0, stop=-1, name=’’, autoLog=True)
AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘SoundPyo’

I was using pyo 0.8.7. .I upgraded it yo 0.8.9 but in Psychopy Shell, it is still written 0.8.7.
I tried to find in internet but I couldn’t. Thank you in advance for any answer

Did you manage to solve this problem?
I’m having a similar issue.