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Pylsl and PsychoPy - invalid: bad lexical cast: source type value could not be interpreted as target

I already posted this issue regarding PsychoPy and LabStreamingLayer on github:

Running LSL from the PsychoPy shell is not working properly. Does somebody have an idea what could be the problem?
Thanks in advance.

No. I expect it’s something to do with the event loop of wx but that would be hard (or impossible) for us to change. I recommend you run your studies from a script instead of an interactive shell.

Thanks for the reply. Of course, I run my experiments from a script. For debugging purposes, I tried it out in the shell. It would be a bit inconveniant to use a shell all the time. Using scripts does not solve the problem.
As I understand you, in the moment, PsychoPy and LSL are simply not compatible.

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BUMP. Any updates on these issues? Anyone confirm that psychopy has worked with LSL? I’m also having similar issues.

Chadwick Boulay asked some questions of the original poster on the Github thread from the LSL end but didn’t get a response. Are you able to contribute answers to those queries?