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PsychoPy3 launch event (online experiments and new experiment server)!

I’m happy to announce a launch date for the new web technologies that we’re releasing ( = PsychoPy3)

We’re running a launch event to demo the new features on 20th July 2018 in Nottingham but you’ll be able to follow the event with a live stream on our Facebook page (hopefully! I’ve never done that before so we’ll need to test it!)

If you’re able to come to Nottingham then you’re very welcome, and then you’ll need to register (free) so we can count you for catering.
We’ll have a demo 4-5pm and then a wine reception with a chance to chat.

No registration required for viewing online.



Best wishes from India.

Veena Kamble.

I second the congratulations!

Sounds great! I’ll keep a look out for it on

You can now see the launch event on YouTube: