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PsychoPy Update: New Look/Feel

OK, this pull request means you get the icons back in mac:

The thing that’s confusing me right now is that somehow a new entry has appeared ont he View menu called “Show/Hide Tab bar” (only on the mac) but we don’t ever create that

Looks good to me now.

The text labels under the icons are a great new usability improvement. Perhaps not critical for this release, but they don’t seem to be localised yet (e.g. they remain in English when switching to the Japanese locale, although the labels for the component categories do switch language). Maybe @hsogo12600 can comment on what would be required there?

The outstanding Mac-related issue is the pixellation of:

  • the toolbar, component, and Runner icons,
  • most of the items in the flow and routine panels,
  • all text in the preferences dialog (the retina-scale rendering of (most) other text in the interface makes that even more apparent), and
  • the splash screen.

It’s very rare now to see Mac apps whose interfaces don’t render at retina scale, so PsychoPy does stand out in that regard. Not sure how this is handled on Windows systems with high DPI displays?

I’ll try simply adding _translate() where the names are used (haven’t done that yet). If the names have already been used somewhere exactly like this then this is all that’s needed.

The retina stuff is hard because of wx - there are lots of places that require manual tweaks and none of these are easy. For the button icons, although we have @2x copies of the icons now, getting wx to use them correctly is surprisingly hard! I’ll come back to it if other priority jobs area fixed before this release but not right now

Name of components have never been translated. For example, title of the property dialog of Text Component is shown as “textのプロパティ” in Japanese locale (“text Property” in English locale). I don’t think component names should be localized. If toolbar icons also have text labels, it would be desirable to add _translate() to the labels.

Yes, the words Mike is referring to are these:

They come simply from a shortened version of the Component name. So if we find one called GratingComponent we provide a label Grating etc. I bet several of them are already translated and will just automatically switch

I would read the documentation. Indeed, I have been going through all the PsychoPy documentation that I can find, and about to post a thread asking for more.